On The Border Of What Is Formless And Monstrous

A composite of sound recordings from inside and outside the Cook County Jail, as well as a video pan of the 25’ jail wall examines the blurry line between the inside and outside of the largest single-site jail in the country. Situated within a working class immigrant neighborhood in Chicago and the artists’ native community, I have been recording the social behaviors and informal architectures surrounding a place of incarceration to make visible the politics of location. In this piece, I juxtapose the acoustics of the interior life of detention alongside a local summer carnival that takes place outside the jail wall every year. I negotiate the psychological experience of place and the effects of mass incarceration. It includes an excerpt from a series of personal conversations and interviews with Adolfo Davis by his collaborator, Elyse Blennerhassett. Convicted at the age of fourteen, Davis is currently serving a mandatory life sentence. (The original piece is presented as a five-channel sound and video installation). Original length: 14:52


On The Border Of What Is Formless And Monstrous (excerpt)
Five-channel sound and video installation
Dimensions Variable