Oblation For A Parade

A brown wall "under construction" was erected to intervene a traditional white gallery space. Museum security did not allow the viewer to cross the wall nor get too close to the structure, which created a sense of curiosity, voyeurism, and restriction. Originally installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s 12x12 UBS exhibition space, the installation also included a choreographed intervention with ten performers dressed in brown clothing during the museum's bustling "first-Friday" events. Their collective bodies acted as a force that moved through the crowds, asserting their presence into the museum. 


Oblation for a Parade
Cloth, Latex, Wood, Streamers, Confetti and Found Objects
20' x 40' x 15'


Performers: Jesse Alvarez, Lorena GalvanEddie GonzalezIgnacio MaldonadoIvan Ocampo, Jorge OrtizTraci PollardJessica VeraNi’Ja Whitson