Disappearance Suit (Series)

Disappearance Suits is an ongoing series that examines marginalized identities in contemporary American culture and beyond. As a first-generation Mexican American from an immigrant family, I am interested in understanding the relationship between the politicized body and rural, remote, or romantic landscapes. I create disappearance suits for a specific location/history/context then through a series of performative gestures, I contend with what’s there and what’s not there. In return, my body disappears and reappears.

Disappearance Suit (Captiva, FL) 
Cloth, thread
Site-specific performance

Disappearance Suit (Marin Headlands, CA) 
Tyvek, dry grasses, spray paint, thread, adhesive
Site-specific performance

Disappearance Suit (Reykjavik, Iceland) 
Tyvek, latex paint, spray paint
Site-specific performance