Brown Brilliance Darkness Matter

I explored the National Museum of Mexican Art's Permanent Collection in dialogue with ephemera from my own personal surroundings. By reproducing, manipulating and preserving artifactual materials from history to promotional mementos and images, I attempted to reimagine new and complex cultural representations. The installation served as a temporal frame that brings into question the role of static historical narratives within the abstract, using this platform as a space to create multiple meanings and imaginaries. During two evenings, I invited six community members from the local area to create facto-fictional narratives based on a set of artifacts/images that I selected and translated into clay objects and collages from the institution’s ephemera archive. Their personal narratives created an intimate exchange of information, giving way to new and reimagined contexts for the iconography in the space. I was interested in how historical materials play a role in the way we see ourselves and the way institutions can form our understanding of history.

Brown Brilliance Darkness Matter
Woven collage on digitally printed dye sub fabric, white stoneware, cone 6, oxidation, brown overglaze on Acapulco furniture
24' x 30'


Performers: Amanda Cortes, Silvia I. Gonzalez, Margarita Lizcano Hernandez, Yvette Mayorga, Michael De Anda Muñiz , Gibran Villalobos Video and Sound Documentation: Scrappers Film Group