96 Acres Project

96 Acres Project is a series of community-engaged, site-responsive art projects that involve community stakeholders’ ideas about social and restorative justice issues, and that examine the impact of incarceration at the Cook County Jail on Chicago’s West Side and beyond. Begun by artist, Maria Gaspar in 2012, it uses multi-disciplinary art practices to explore the social and political implications of incarceration on communities of color. 96 Acres Project and its collaborators aim to generate alternative narratives reflecting on art, power, and responsibility by presenting insightful and informed collective responses for the transformation of a space that occupies 96 acres, but has a much larger reaching outcome. For more information on this ongoing project, please visit the comprehensive website, 96acres.org.


96 Acres Project (excerpts of collaborative projects)
Site-interventions at and around Cook County Jail, Chicago
Dimensions Variable


Videography: Scrappers Film Group