Artwork > 2016

Brown Brilliance Darkness Matter (Performance)
Woven Collage on Digitally Printed Dye Sub Fabric, White Stoneware, Cone 6, Oxidation, Brown Overglaze, Chrome, Vinyl

In Brown Brilliance Darkness Matter, Gaspar has selected artifacts and images from the collection of the National Museum of Mexican Art that range from the historic to promotional and souvenir imagery from the institution’s ephemera archive. Transformed in clay in the artists’ own studio, the artifacts themselves become abstract impressions of their original subject. Displayed on pedestals that are inspired by Acapulco furniture, the presentation of the work is approached through an archeological lens, allowing for the abstruse nature of the objects to be an open window for a dialogue with the viewer’s own curious interpretation and relational knowledge. Through a curated selection, the artist asked each performer to examine the artifacts through personal stories, therefore collapsing the division between fact and fiction. The exhibit examines how historical materials play a role in the way we see ourselves, and the way institutions can form our understanding of history and collective memory.

Performers: Amanda Cortes, Silvia I. Gonzalez, Margarita Lizcano Hernandez, Yvette Mayorga, Michael De Anda Muñiz , Gibran Villalobos

Video and Sound Documentation: Scrappers Film Group