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Haunting Raises Specters (By A.G.)
Haunting Raises Specters (By A.G.)
Digitally Printed Dye Sub Fabric, Aluminum, Beaded Chain, Grommets
10' x 160'

The image comes from a high-res photo taken of the entire Cook County Jail Wall (north-facing) in Chicago that is originally 20' x 850' large. Installed at the Jane Addams Hull House Museum, as part of the "Into Body Into Wall" Exhibition.

Into Body Into Wall emerges from Palestinian American writer, Suheir Hammad’s poem, break (vista), which contemplates the ways in which walls are structures of oppression around the world. Into Body Into Wall is a collaboration between the Jane Addams Hull-House Museum, The 96 Acres Project and artist Maria Gaspar and uses the wall of Cook County Jail to look at architectures of power and incarceration. The project investigates the wall as a social, political, psychological and physical frame, imagines and reflects on new alternatives, and grapples with personal stories from both sides of the wall. As part of the exhibition, a series of Creative Resistance workshops, guest curated by Silvia I. Gonzalez, will use art making, collaborative processes, and praxis, to produce a set of proposals that demonstrate our visions for building possibilities against the wall and building spaces of transformation.

Photography: Rachel Herman
Architect: Alexander Eisenschmidt